Government Developing Fresh Policy for Mobile Phone Manufacturing

The caretaker government in Pakistan is developing a new policy for the manufacturing of mobile devices and related equipment. The Engineering Development Board (EDB) has sent out invitations to licensed mobile phone manufacturers for a meeting scheduled on November 10. The meeting, chaired by the Chief Executive Officer of EDB, aims to discuss the details of the proposed policy.

Key agenda items for the meeting include finalizing the localization plan for the new policy, determining the list of importable components for manufacturer quotas, and addressing sources of funding for research and development (R&D) allowances and export subsidies. The participants will also discuss measures to ease the process of doing business, reduce regulatory burdens, and establish timelines for the completion and approval of documents.

Additionally, the meeting will examine current and proposed tariffs for local manufacturing of mobile phones. This includes selecting products and establishing a tariff structure for linked equipment such as point-of-sale (POS) machines and tablets to promote the new policy.

The government appears to be actively working on fostering a conducive environment for the local manufacturing of mobile devices, aligning with broader economic and technological objectives.