Government Establishes National Cybercrime Investigation Agency

The Pakistan federal government has initiated the National Cyber Crime Investigation Agency (NCCIA) to specifically address and manage cybercrime within the nation. This new entity will operate under the guidelines of the Prevention of Electronic Crime Act of 2016. It takes over from the Federal Investigation Agency, which previously managed cybercrime investigations.


The transition includes all personnel, ongoing cases, and existing resources from the now-disbanded cybercrime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency. The NCCIA is structured with multiple levels of leadership, including a Director General who will serve a two-year term appointed by the federal government. This role is vested with powers similar to those of an Inspector General of Police, aiming to bolster Pakistan’s capacity to tackle cybercrime effectively.


Additionally, the formation of the National Cyber Crime Investigation Agency (NCCIA) marks a significant shift in how cybercrime is managed in Pakistan. The agency is tasked with a broad mandate, including the investigation of all types of cyber offenses as per the legal framework provided by the Prevention of Electronic Crime Act. It is equipped with a hierarchy of officials ranging from Directors to Assistant Directors, designed to handle various aspects of cybercrime from detection to prosecution.


This restructuring is intended to streamline and enhance the efficiency of handling cybercrime cases in the country, ensuring that expertise and resources are optimized. The transfer of responsibilities and resources from the Federal Investigation Agency’s cybercrime wing to the NCCIA is expected to lead to more specialized attention to cyber offenses and a more robust defense against cyber threats.