Government Establishing Emergency Response Teams to Safeguard Pakistan’s Cyberspace

The Pakistani government has taken a step to enhance cybersecurity by establishing National Computer Emergency Response Teams (NCERT) dedicated to monitoring and safeguarding the country’s cyberspace 24/7. The Ministry of Information and Technology’s proposal for the formation of NCERT, in accordance with the Prevention of Electronic Crimes 2016 and CERT rules 2023, is set to be discussed by the Federal Cabinet. 


The National CERT, funded by the Ministry of IT, will collaborate with various Sectoral CERT teams, offering timely assistance as required. The initiative aligns with the CERT rules approved in 2023, providing a legislative framework to address cybersecurity risks at national, sectoral, and organizational levels. 


The rules also include the establishment of a National Security Operations Centre and a council comprising representatives from government bodies, the telecom sector, industry, academia, and civil society. Caretaker IT Minister Dr. Umar Saif emphasized that the CERT initiative aims to bolster Pakistan’s cybersecurity measures, protecting against potential cyber threats and ensuring swift responses to cyber-attacks.