Government Plans to Introduce Ordinance for Establishing a Telecom Tribunal

The interim federal government is contemplating the introduction of an ordinance to establish a telecommunications tribunal. Sources within the IT Ministry have informed that this decision stems from a high number of pending cases in the courts related to the telecom sector.

The caretaker government aims to initiate the auction process for 5G, but this cannot proceed without the availability of spectrum. To address ongoing litigation concerning the spectrum issue, the IT Ministry has proposed the creation of a Telecom Tribunal.

It has been emphasized that amending the Telecommunication Reorganization Act of 1996 is necessary to establish the Telecom Tribunal. Seeking legal advice from the Law Ministry, the caretaker government is considering an ordinance for the tribunal’s formation, particularly since the National Assembly is not in session.

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has advocated for a separate tribunal to alleviate the backlog of pending cases in the telecom sector, given the technical nature of the industry. PTA highlighted that numerous telecom-related cases are currently awaiting resolution in the courts.

Previous attempts were made to establish a telecom tribunal, and the Law Ministry had prepared a draft amendment to the Telecommunication Reorganization Act of 1996, although it was not approved.