Government Releases Advisory Regarding ‘Compromised’ Google Play Applications

The government has issued a warning regarding the presence of a dangerous Android malware called Goldoson that has infected several apps on the Google Play Store. This malware has managed to infiltrate the store through 60 legitimate apps by exploiting a third-party library used by app developers.

Goldoson is a malicious component capable of gathering sensitive data from mobile devices, including information about installed apps, connected devices, and GPS location.

One of the concerning abilities of this malware is its ability to engage in advertising fraud by clicking on ads without the user’s consent. The government has provided a list of some of the infected apps, which includes popular titles such as Swipe Brick Breaker, Bounce Brick Breaker, Korea Subway Info: Metroid, GOM Player, GOM Audio-Music, Sync lyrics, Pikicast, Live Score, Real-Time Score, Compass 9: Smart Compass, Lotte World Magicpass, Infinite Slice, SomNote, L.Point with L.Pay and Money Manager Expense & Budget.

Although Google Play has blacklisted these apps, the advisory recommends that users manually check their devices for these apps and remove them if they are present. Moreover, the government emphasizes the importance of remaining cautious while downloading and installing apps, even from trusted sources. Users are advised to adopt best practices, such as limiting app permissions, verifying the legitimacy of developers, and checking app reviews.

By staying vigilant and following these precautions, users can help protect their devices and personal information from the Goldoson Android malware threat.