Government Set to Modify PTA Act Expanding Members’ Authority

The Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) (Amendment) Act, 2006, and PTA Rules would be changed, according to the federal government.

ProPakistani was informed by sources in the Cabinet Division that the Pakistan Telecommunication Act has been amended to raise the number of members of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) from 3 to 4.

The sources claim that PTA has created the position of Member Administration. The authority once consisted of three members: Members Technical, Finance, and Enforcement and Compliance.

The Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) (Amendment) Act, 2006 permits the federal government to enlarge the authority’s membership as needed, according to officials in the Cabinet Division. The number of board members has been increased from three to four utilizing the same authority. Also, a new power-sharing formula will be chosen.

The authority will have an even number of members thanks to the four members that it has. In this situation, the chairman board is being offered the option of a double board. The Chairman has been suggested to have the casting vote authority in the event of a tie-in voting.

The source also stated that there will be a separation of duties between member finance and administration.

The position of Member Administration PTA has just been posted by the Cabinet Division. The advertisement states that the ideal applicants will have a master’s degree in public or business administration, social sciences, or telecommunications, or an equivalent degree, 20 years of post-degree work experience, and five years of senior administrative leadership experience.