Government to Provide AI Training to 1 Million IT Graduates

By 2027, the federal government plans to train 1 million IT graduates in AI and related technologies.

A sustainable paradigm will be developed, and 10,000 additional trainers will be needed to deliver high-impact AI and Allied Technologies instruction, according to the IA policy statement.

According to the paper, MoITT’s poll from 2022 revealed that fewer than 10% of the workforce is now employed in computing, and IT professionals are knowledgeable in AI and Allied Technologies.

The letter also said that a thorough public awareness program for artificial intelligence and related technologies must be launched at the national level to reach 90% of the population with internet access.

This program, which falls under the umbrella of the Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence & Allied Technologies (CoEAI), will concentrate on curriculum reform at all educational levels, workforce training, and specialized programs for underrepresented groups including women and people with disabilities.

The federal government will launch an applied AI awareness program for all Grade 12 to Grade 22 personnel, including technocrats and other associated professionals working in various departments and institutions at the federal and provincial levels, in accordance with IA Policy.

To teach at least 70% of current workers working in the prospective IT and AI industries and 100% of future hires, it will launch a skill development campaign for public sector personnel in AI and Allied Technologies.

The paper states that the government would provide fiscal and non-fiscal assistance for at least 1,000 Artificial Intelligence-led R&D efforts in academia and the corporate sector.

To promote publishing in high-impact factor journals and conferences and to gain recognition throughout the world, all research students conducting applied research in AI and related technologies will be eligible to apply for financial assistance, publication fees, and trip grants based on the competitive criteria. 

By 2026, the government will assist Pakistani companies in filing more than 2,000 patents for AI-driven goods and services.

The National AI Fund will be established by the government as a spin-off of Ignite Technology Fund to assist high-tech ventures in AI and allied technologies across the country, according to the IA Policy Statement. To use AI and allied technologies, the government would also establish a Centre of Excellence in AI (CoEAI) in each Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, along with auxiliary AI centers in Peshawar, Quetta, Multan, Faisalabad, and Gilgit.