How Can I Start E-commerce Business in Pakistan?

It is estimated that over 4.6 billion people are benefiting their lives with the help of the internet. It is not very challenging to start an e-commerce business in Pakistan or in fact anywhere in the world..

June 10, 2022

It is estimated that over 4.6 billion people are benefiting their lives with the help of the internet. It is not very challenging to start an e-commerce business in Pakistan or in fact anywhere in the world. As per the reports, the number experienced an increment of 319 million which shows that an estimate of 875,000 users is added by each passing day. This astounding enumeration points out to a simple fact that sooner than expected, the internet will readily take over the world of technology. 

Due to the increasing popularity in the use of the internet, there has been a complete shift in the world of internet trading systems. Smartphones, social media, and even the likes have contributed well enough to the continuing rise of internet trading. There are manifold steps which one has to follow in order to create/build an e-commerce business in Pakistan

Steps toward E-commerce Business in Pakistan

Perfect plan for e-commerce business in Pakistan :-

First and foremost, you have to start from the scratch by simply deciding an appropriate plan and e-commerce business model. Next off, we have enlisted two different types of business models that you can opt for and can also go for either of them. 

  • Single vendor
  • Multivendor e-commerce

Single vendor E-commerce:-

Vendor is basically anyone who sells products or services to another company or individual, like a manufacturer is a vendor to a retailer or a wholesaler. Nonetheless, the single vendor marketplace in the e-commerce model is nothing but an online forum which associates only two entities. Not to forget that this website does not offer a wide range of products to its buyers and thus it is often referred to as a standalone website. This way you only deal with one dealer at a time limits your administrative cost and you have more control over the inventory at your hand. 

Multivendor E-commerce:-

As the name suggests, this marketplace offers a number of vendors. You can negotiate contracts with them and it holds a lot of potential in terms of revenue for the business owner. For someone who is a neophyte in e-commerce entrepreneurship, multivendor e-commerce can be of a lot of advantage as it is extremely cost efficient because it allows you to sell a vast range of goods to a larger audience without administering the inventory. Furthermore, it solely depends upon your budget which product line you chose, either you opt for a single product line or have multiple product lines for your e-commerce business in Pakistan.

Brand name for e-commerce business in Pakistan:-

Once you have finally decided which business model you want to go for, then think about an interesting name for your brand. The immense significance that the name of the brand holds is much more than realized. It should be one that targets your target market and product range. An easy tip for doing it is that you need to think about a niche market while thinking about your brand name. 

Remember to always go for a short and easy brand name so that it is not very difficult to remember. It should be unique and should properly reflect your brand. Basically it should define your business as a whole and what is it all about.

Commit yourself on what company you want to form

After completing the name selecting task with the brand logo of your company, the next step will be how you want to form your company.  Following are enlisted some of the companies which you will conveniently find across the globe:

  • Sole proprietorship (limited liability)
  • One person company
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Private company limited

If you are planning to form a sole proprietorship company, there is no need for a tax ID number. Just use your allotted security number and you’re good to go. But if you’re planning to opt for a corporate or partnership based entity then you are supposed to file a tax return and have a tax id number. 

How to register e-commerce business in Pakistan

First off, to create a digital signature you need sign up at the and then follow the below enlisted steps

  • Obtain PIN for company registration from the agency securities exchange commission of Pakistan. Then you as a user will shortly receive a four digit code on your provided email address and mobile phone number. 
  • Once you’ve received the pin code, now you can apply to the registrar to seek the availability of the proposed company name. 
  • After receiving the confirmation on your company name, you can incorporate the company name within the next 6 months.
  • Attach the required documents. 
  • Furthermore, you can also apply for the goods and service tax certification, shops and establishment license. 
  • Last but surely not the least, apply for the company’s incorporation. This will officially register your company’s name under company’s act 2013

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