Hudson Pharma and MEDZnMORE’s Join Forces to Provide Sincere Healthcare in Pakistan

Hudson Pharma and MEDZnMORE’s have entered into a contract, marking yet another significant collaboration with a well-known pharmaceutical company. Consumers will have access to Hudson Pharma’s products via the platforms of thanks to this agreement.

CEO of MEDZnMORE Asad Khan and Vice President of Commercial Operations Akram Shaheen both signed the contract. Senior leaders from both firms attended the cooperation event, which was held at the headquarters of MEDZnMORE.

The online marketplace has previously collaborated with Getz Pharma, GSK, Shield, Mothercare, and other industry titans. By forming partnerships like this, seeks to deliver 100% genuine healthcare products to its clients, furthering its goal of eradicating fake drugs from Pakistan.

The premier health-tech startup MEDZnMORE, which operates, was formed to revolutionize healthcare in Pakistan by making access to high-quality care simple. The internet store, which was established in 2020, has helped clients from all around Pakistan.

To efficiently meet operational objectives, they have substantially invested in establishing temperature-controlled warehouses across Pakistan. The startup had received $11.5 million in its pre-series A investment, making it Pakistan’s highest health technology funding.

In addition to working with the top producers, has several projects in the works to provide its audience with easier access to healthcare items.