In Order to Boost the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, the ICCIA Is Hosting the Fourth 4th Session of Best of Entrepreneurship Session in the Field of Ecommerce.

The “Best of Entrepreneurship Pakistan (BOE)” session will be held in Karachi by the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (ICCIA). The event’s topic, “E-Commerce and Entrepreneurship in Pakistan,” will highlight both the difficulties the sector faces and the opportunity it presents for budding entrepreneurs.

The BOE event intends to disseminate entrepreneurial trends and tales that will influence the nation’s future in e-commerce. University students, aspiring business owners, and enthusiasts in the field of technical and vocational education and training (TVETs) with an e-commerce concentration will be among the audience members.

Director of International Relations, Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture (ICCIA) Ms. Aalia Jafar said about BOE. “ICCIA’s mandate is to develop and grow the private sector of the Muslim world. To increase the participation of our businesses in the global supply chains. To support the “resilience” and “sustainable” in the term resilient and sustainable economies. And this happens when there is a strong private sector that creates jobs and supports multiple socio-economic goals as well as increases the country’s productive capacity,” 

At BOE, notable figures will be present, including Mr. Haider Zamin, Deputy Director of TDAP, and Vice President of FPCCI.

More than 250 attendees will hear from notable figures in the tech and e-commerce sectors, including Mr. Arif Lakhani, Co-Founder Qist Bazaar, Dr. Sara Saeed Khurram, Co-Founder & CEO Sehat Kahani, and Mr. Hamza Abdul Rauf, Co-Founder & Director Telemart, about their experiences and the difficulties they encountered along the way. The event will also include Dr. Abdullah Zafar Sheikh, Professor, and Dean of the School of Business Studies (SBS), IBA.

The event will take place at the Institute of Business Administration, IBA- City Campus, in Karachi on September 28th, 2022, from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

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