In order to verify accounts, Twitter plans to start charging $8 each month.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has started implementing significant changes on Twitter just a few days after taking the helm of the social media platform. Musk recently let go of other important employees, including Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal, and the social network may soon start charging for its blue tick verification.

“Whole verification process is being revamped right now”, Musk said in a recent tweet without sharing any details.

Platformer, a tech blog, stated that Twitter is thinking about charging for the coveted blue tick that confirms the identity of account users, citing people familiar with the situation.

If the experiment is successful, Twitter users could need to sign up for Twitter Blue in order to maintain their accounts verified. If they don’t subscribe after 90 days, verified users will lose their blue checkmark. By November 7, staff who have not launched paid verification will be let go, according to Musk.

Musk hasn’t made up his mind yet, so the idea still has a chance of being shelved before it is implemented. Platformer predicts that verification will eventually be incorporated into Twitter Blue.

What’s worse is that Twitter is also thinking about raising the cost of its subscription model from $4.99 per month to $19.99 per month, according to internal correspondence cited by the publisher in a Sunday story by The Verge.

Last month, in June, Twitter Blue, a premium tier for paying users, was introduced. You receive a few advantages from it, such as a unique app icon, select publications’ ad-free content, and more. The popular feature of long-standing demand, an edit button, was also added by the social media behemoth earlier this month. It allows you to edit your tweets after sharing them and is exclusively accessible to Twitter Blue users.

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