Industry, Academic AI Experts Invited by IT Ministry to Include in AI Policy Committee

Experts in artificial intelligence from business and academia have been asked to join the AI Policy committee by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT).

The committee will oversee the policy consultation process and complete the National Artificial Intelligence Policy draught, according to MoITT.

The National Artificial Intelligence Policy has a first draught, according to Syed Junaid Imam, a member of the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication.

By utilizing an agile framework for addressing various elements of distinctive user experiences including several market horizontals and industry verticals, the policy seeks to develop the ecosystem required for AI adoption. It also ensures the appropriate use of AI. On the website of the Ministry of IT and Telecommunication, the Artificial Intelligence Policy’s preliminary draught is accessible for comments.

The National AI Policy will be finalized by the Policy Committee, which will also lead the process of policy consultation, according to Member IT MoITT.

Experts from business, academia, and government will make up the Policy Committee. Top AI professionals from business and academia are encouraged to join this policy committee and the government. Experts who are interested in joining the policy committee can submit to the ministry their profile and a letter of interest.

The National Artificial Intelligence Policy has recently undergone initial preparation by MoITT, and it has been posted online. The MoITT has asked industry, academia, and the general public for comment on policy by June 16, 2023.

The government intends to teach 1 million IT graduates in Artificial Intelligence and Allied Technologies by 2027, according to the initial IA policy draught. To generate 10,000 new trainers for high-impact AI and Allied Technologies education, the government will develop a sustainable approach. To assist IA, the federal government will launch a national awareness campaign and establish an AI fund and centers of excellence.