Innovative AFIS Technology for Biometric Identification is Introduced by NADRA

In order to serve civil reasons, the National Database & Registration Authority (NADRA) has introduced its cutting-edge Automated Finger Identification System (AFIS), known as “NADIR”.

NADRA has now reached the ranks of the world’s top providers of biometric identification technology, which is a significant milestone for the organization.

In the area of cutting-edge digital technology for identity management, biometrics, border security, and e-governance, NADRA is a pioneer. The company has developed a reputation as a leader in the field by continually pushing the limits of what is feasible in the areas of digital identification, verification, and security.

A significant development in the field of biometrics, “NADIR” makes use of the distinctive qualities of fingerprints to provide a solid and trustworthy technique of identity verification. Based on the internationally renowned benchmarking study known as the Fingerprint Verification Competition (FVC), which was carried out in Italy, NADIR has obtained an excellent accuracy rate of more than 99.5%.

Tariq Malik, the NADRA Chairman, spoke during the launching event and stated, “The right kind of innovation builds not only organizations or governments – it also builds countries. Indigenous development of AFIS is a groundbreaking development not only in the field of civil identification but in the pursuit of nation-building as well. With its advanced technology, we can now accurately and quickly store fingerprints and identify individuals for a wide range of purposes as a public good, from immigration to border control to social services.”

With the creation of NADIR, Pakistan has joined the group of countries that have created their own AFIS technology. The country is now prepared to sell its product on the global market to aid nations in improving civil identity, border control, and e-governance. The manufacturers of biometric identification technology from developed nations including the USA, UK, Russia, Japan, France, Germany, and others mostly control the global market.

In terms of civic identity and the goal of nation-building, NADRA’s indigenous creation of AFIS technology is a ground-breaking success. It highlights the company’s dedication to innovation and strengthens its position as a world leader in cutting-edge identity management systems.