Installment Aggregator “Dip” Raises an Unreported Angel Round at an Amazing Value

With their omni channels, Dip wants to increase the purchasing power of the general public. Through its payment partners, who charge 0% interest, their initial product, Dip Marketplace, offers need-based to lifestyle products on simple & cheap monthly payments.

In order to get started, Dip teamed up with four major banks (Faysal Bank, Bank Alfalah, MCB, and Silk Bank) and on-boarded top 50+ brands with an active product selection of more than 3,000 items. Dip deals in consumer durable goods and services.

In order to gain consumer confidence and trust—one of the biggest barriers to ecommerce growth in Pakistan right now—the company is limited to official manufacturers, distributors, and retail networks in order to provide the best user experience and a label of genuine products.

All their stakeholders, who form the core of their ecosystem, really value their technology-driven, shariah-compliant solutions.

This includes ensuring customer convenience and affordability of products as well as partners’ business growth and expansion. It also includes extending the reach of acceptance, providing value-added services, and gaining insightful customer data for their partnered financial and corporate institutions.

The fundamentals of BNPL, which are based on loose credit checks and limited KYC, have proven to be a death knell for many businesses, leading to massive NPLs, resistance to business expansion, and fear on the part of new players to participate in such market offerings.

Recent News

Easypaisa, Pakistan’s leading digital financial services platform, has entered into a strategic partnership with Dukan, a prominent e-commerce infrastructure solution. The collaboration aims to enhance the ordering and digital payments experience for consumers under the easypaisa MiniApps umbrella.

The global civilian drone market is projected to experience substantial growth, reaching an estimated value of $21.62 billion by 2027, nearly doubling from its 2023 figures. This surge in the market has created an increased demand for protection against unauthorized drone activities, including video recording and potential security threats such as industrial espionage.

Caretaker Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunications, Dr. Umar Saif, distributed Rs. 825 million in cash prizes to 550 IT companies for their significant contributions to IT and IT-enabled services exports. Dr. Saif emphasized the importance of the IT industry in the country’s economy and highlighted the need for incentives and rewards.