Interim IT Minister Aims for IT Exports Worth $20 Billion

Dr. Umar Saif, the newly appointed Caretaker Federal Minister for Information Technology & Telecommunication and Science & Technology, expressed his resolute intention to elevate ICT exports from the current $2.62 billion to a substantial range of $10 to $20 billion.

Upon assuming office, he was welcomed by Secretary IT Navid Ahmed Shaikh and other senior officials. During his introductory visit, he acquainted himself with the ministry’s personnel and received a comprehensive overview of past, ongoing, and forthcoming IT ministry projects.

Dr. Saif acknowledged the limited mandate of the caretaker government in accordance with Pakistan’s constitution and primarily focused on overseeing unbiased general elections. Nonetheless, he emphasized the importance of supervising crucial ministerial affairs during this transitional phase.

He affirmed his commitment to realize the Digital Pakistan Vision and fortify the stability and advancement of the IT and telecommunications sectors, promising collaboration with all stakeholders in this pursuit.

Dr. Saif underscored the potential positive impact of boosting ICT exports on the nation’s economic stability and the creation of quality employment opportunities for skilled professionals. He also highlighted the goal of fully digitizing governmental and semi-governmental entities, aligning with the broader ambition of enhancing technological integration across the country.