ISP Advocate Establishing Internet Exchanges to Enhance Data Security in Pakistan

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Pakistan gathered at the annual conference of the Wireless & Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (WISPAP) in Islamabad to address industry challenges. 

The focus was on establishing internet exchanges to enhance data security. Shahzad Arshad, Founder Chairman of WISPAP, stressed the vital role of internet exchanges in ensuring national data security and called for active participation from the entire internet service community. 

The organization outlined a comprehensive plan for nationwide internet access, involving the establishment of exchanges and collaboration with the Ministry of Information Technology. The goal is to emulate successful models in other countries, such as India, where internet exchanges facilitate local traffic without foreign exchange costs. 

The conference emphasized the urgency of resolving industry issues to protect millions of households relying on internet-related employment. Furqan Naveed Ahmed, Project Director of WISPAP, warned of a crisis in the sector due to unresolved issues, including potential job losses if fundamental licenses are not renewed. The meeting showcased a united front from the internet services community despite challenges.