IT Ministry Announces Plans to Launch 250 e-Rozgaar Hubs Across Pakistan

In an ambitious stride to bolster the country’s digital sector, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, along with the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), has set forth a strategy to create 250 e-Rozgaar Hubs nationwide. This initiative is designed to stimulate the freelancing sector and nurture new enterprises, providing vital tools and guidance to emerging entrepreneurs in each district.


The distribution of these e-Rozgaar centers is informed by provincial populations and insights from a community of approximately 1.2 million freelancers powered by Ignite. Punjab is slated to host the majority with 149 centers, while Sindh is to have 51. The plan includes 28 for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 11 for Islamabad, 6 for Balochistan, 3 for Azad Kashmir, and 2 for Gilgit Baltistan, ensuring a widespread reach of digital access and resources.


The commencement of this plan will see the release of Expression of Interest notices through various channels, paving the way for building owners to propose locations for these centers. PSEB will support the construction of the centers by offering interest-free loans to the selected proprietors.


These hubs aim to support digital workers with workspaces, financial assistance, and comprehensive training programs. Such efforts are anticipated to cultivate a fertile environment for innovation and drive economic advancement throughout Pakistan.