IT Ministry Plans to Establish Coordination Center for CERT to Enhance Cybersecurity

The Ministry of IT and Telecom is set to establish the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) Coordination Center in accordance with the newly introduced CERT Rules 2023. This initiative aims to create a centralized hub for collaboration among various CERTs operating at different levels, fostering communication among National CERTs, sectoral CERTs, and other entities.


The CERT Coordination Center will not only facilitate communication but will also serve as a capacity-building center for its constituents. A key component of this initiative is the introduction of a vulnerability disclosure program. This program will manage cyber threats, identify vulnerabilities, and advise on mitigation activities.


The vulnerability disclosure program aims to collect cyber threat intelligence from diverse data sources to provide valuable insights into emerging cyber threats and the actors behind them. It will also oversee vulnerability management, ensuring a streamlined process for addressing potential security risks promptly.


Additionally, the program will assist CERT constituents in the procurement and acquisition of software and hardware by ensuring rigorous security testing within CERT-supporting labs. Only products meeting necessary security standards and gaining approval from the coordination center will be recommended for use.


The CERT Coordination Center will operate collaboratively, actively engaging with sectoral and international CERTs, as well as other relevant agencies. This collaborative approach aims to leverage expertise in cybersecurity, creating a comprehensive and interconnected network to effectively tackle cyber threats.