JS Zindigi And Chikoo Are Launching Financial Services.

Zindigi, powered by JS Bank, a prominent Pakistani commercial bank, has teamed up with Chikoo, the country’s premier small business management platform, to offer the country’s first integrated financial services solution, according to a statement released on Monday.

Through the collaboration, company owners have access to the complete range of banking services, including bill payment, payroll for employees and suppliers, and small business finance. They also have rapid access to funds received digitally.

Additionally, free debit cards will be provided for electronic transactions and cash withdrawals for small business owners and their staff. Chikoo has developed to make it simple for small business owners to handle all elements of their company, including sales, e-commerce, accounting, logistics, marketing, payments, and human resources. This allows them to create stronger, expanding, and more successful companies.

Business data ownership, privacy, and security are prioritized at the center of the Chikoo platform’s merchant experience. Chikoo reiterates its commitment to providing enterprise-grade business technology solutions to the smallest businesses without compromising as Pakistan’s first PCI-DSS compliant e-commerce platform.

JS Zindigi And Chikoo Are Launching Financial Services.

Noman Azhar, chief officer Zindigi said, “Zindigi is all about listening to our customers and providing them not only with the requisite services but also the experience that makes their lives easier. Our partnership with Chikoo to provide wallet services for SMEs and an exclusive debit card is another step towards building the resilience of small businesses in Pakistan, in an increasingly challenging economic environment.”

Salaal Hasan, head of Ecosystem Development, JS Bank stated, “Small businesses are the backbone of the Pakistani economy. In line with the vision of the State Bank of Pakistan, we are working to drive the growth of small businesses and subsequently support the growth of the national economy.”

“We foresee that our partnership with Chikoo will aim to help more than 5 million small businesses in Pakistan, driving equitable growth and democratizing access to e-commerce and digital financial services,” he added.

Raza Matin, co-founder of Chikoo said, “In Chikoo, we have built a merchant platform that provides the tools that have been traditionally only available to large enterprises, to the smallest of businesses.” “Over the last year, tens of thousands of merchants have signed up and have been using Chikoo to build better businesses, however, the one set of challenges that kept coming up in our conversations with our customers, particularly women, was the arduous process of opening up bank accounts, setting up digital payments and access to finance,” he added.

Not satisfied with the current merchant experience, we set about to re-imagine how financial services should be delivered to entrepreneurs, in partnership with our partners at JS Bank Zindigi, Matin said.

Faizan Siddiqi, the co-founder of Chikoo, said, “Successfully extending financial services to the lowest aggregated economic unit (small businesses), requires a solution-oriented mindset beyond opening more branches and issuing new debit cards.”

“A move is required towards solving real business challenges, which for small business owners can be as simple as knowing the value of your inventory on hand, or ensuring there are sufficient funds available for payroll at the end of the month. We believe by marrying technology, intuitive design, and financial services, we can help millions of small business owners in the region unlock growth, and better economic outcomes for themselves,” he added.

With a design concept that emphasizes simplicity, Zindigi provides services to the next generation of customers. A fully customizable app interface that is loaded with the most cutting-edge product suite on the market, including stock investments, mutual fund requests, and money requests.