La Diaria Develops Utopia in Latin America, Ensuring Authentic Journalism

La Diaria jas has always prioritized its services to the community and has always made Uruguayan newsrooms provide authentic and trusted journalism, preventing the advertising and fake promotional strategy. In a time when Latin Americans find it difficult to trust media, La Diaria came up with the vision of promoting the services of honest and hard-working journalists and publishers who are working with limited resources by providing them with access to media technology.

The product and innovation manager at La Diaria, Damián Osta Mattos says, “For many years, journalism turned its back on citizens,” The statement was further continued, “The only thing that can save good journalism on this continent is making it widely accessible, not restricted to an elite.”

For ensuring public access to newsroom technology, Utopia is developed by Osta Mattos and La Diaria. It is an open-source platform for publishers that combines content management systems (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) software, newsletter management, and audience engagement modules. Osta Mattos commented, “We designed Utopia to be a tool to help improve the sustainability of the media in the internet of the future.”

It was further explained by Osta Mattos, “The Google News Initiative saw value in what La Diaria had been proposing to do for a long time, and gave us the resources so we could do it.”