Latest Skype Update Introduces Weather Alerts, Bing Chat Integration, and So Much More

Microsoft has been actively updating Skype with new features and improvements, and the latest update, version, is now available for Insiders. The update brings several enhancements to the popular communication platform. 

One of the notable additions is the ability for users to check real-time weather conditions directly from the desktop client, thanks to a new weather icon that provides detailed weather information.

Differentiating between Skype-to-Skype calls and Skype-to-Phone calls has also become easier. The Calls tab allows users to make Skype-to-Skype calls, while the Phone tab displays essential information like Skype Number, credit balance, available international call subscriptions, and options to recharge Skype credit. 

Additionally, Skype contacts are now easier to identify, with their details placed at the top of the Contacts tab for quick viewing across all platforms.

In the Bing 1:1 chat, users can now engage with Bing Chat’s prompts, selecting desired prompts to jump directly into a conversation. The chatbot’s prompts will be reshuffled after each interaction and upon restarting the platform, ensuring a dynamic and responsive chat experience. 

The update also introduces the Bing toolbox, which offers various usage scenarios to categorize conversations, including Education, Social Media, Travel, Creativity, Entertainment, Language, Sports, Technology, and more.

New Skype users now have instant access to Bing Chat, allowing them to engage in conversations immediately. Furthermore, consecutive audio messages now feature auto-play functionality, enhancing the listening experience. 

The update also addresses an issue on iPad where the search bar obstructed the visibility of the top chat in the conversation list.

Microsoft plans to gradually roll out these features to users over the next few days, continuing its commitment to enhancing Skype’s functionality and user experience.