LG Announced The OLED; The Fastest Gaming Monitor Yet

LG Display has grown into the world’s leading display company that produces and sells innovative displays and related products through differentiated technologies such as OLED and IPS.


LG Display announced that the 480Hz OLED gaming display is the fastest 1440p monitor yet. LG revealed that this gaming monitor is 27 inches with a resolution of 1440p. These features can be seen in other products from different brands but the new high fresh rate of 1440p resolution, promising vibrant visuals, and outstanding speed with an impressive 0.03ms response time and an unmatched 480Hz refresh rate. LG states that its latest creation is now the fastest OLED screen ever made to date.


These monitors sit at the absolute highest end of the gaming monitor. Indeed, many PCs can’t come close to matching the frame rates these new monitors are capable of outputting.


LG Edge screen exceeds the capabilities of the previously launched 32-inch OLED gaming monitor, which debuted in December. Whereas, both the monitors share an outstanding maximum refresh rate, the new OLED 1440p stands out by maintaining the speed without the need to settle any less for resolutions, allowing users to appreciate the capabilities of their new 1440p, 27-inch, fastest gaming experience.