Top Logistic Companies in Pakistan

This page will give you an insight into the top logistic companies in Pakistan if you are about to start your own e-commerce Pakistan chain. E-commerce solutions on a single platform.

Logistic companies in Pakistan

Leopard Courier Service

Leopard express, considered as among the best logistic companies in Pakistan, was inaugurated in 1983 to provide transportation services for businesses. They were restricted to five destinations and then expanded their work by taking small steps slowly.

They have expanded to 1500 destinations now. Leopard courier services provide you with various parcel transportation options with various different processes and services.

They aim to provide quick parcel deliveries, and usually all the parcels are distributed the next day except a few areas where no one else delivers. They have both the services available by air and by road within Pakistan. Following are services offered by leopards courier:

  • Domestic Delivery: Leopard express is providing a quick door to door delivery service for parcels that have a short time span and are required to deliver quickly. Domestic delivery service is the perfect option for parcels having a time frame.
  • International Delivery Service: International delivery service is available for delivery of important parcels and documents worldwide. They are delivered in a very short time span and safety of parcels is provided either by leopard’s offices or their global integrators.
  • Deliveries For E-commerce Businesses: Leopards is providing parcel delivery services for online e-commerce businesses with the option of cash on delivery service. They offer reliable courier service all over Pakistan.


TCS is one of the most trusted and expanded logistic companies in Pakistan. TCS was founded in 1983 with only 12 stations and now with their hard work and vast experience of four decades have made them hold the title of most reliable and trustworthy logistics company that has been a backbone of logistics in Pakistan. They are providing several supreme services that involves:

  • Domestic delivery
  • International delivery heavy weight and bulk delivery
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Mail management system
  • E-commerce solution
  • Tcs cargo and tracking tools
  • Self service center
  • Tcs travel and visa
  • Fast and most efficient delivery service with cash on delivery

All their foremost services are available at very affordable rates. Their selfless services and appreciable core values have made them the most trustable. TCS have made customer satisfaction their first priority. Through their efficiency and professionalism they took this small 12 stationed business to a widely expanded logistic company.


Blue-ex is among first smart logistic companies in Pakistan whose operations started with just one single courier in 2011 and is now of the well known leading national logistic company. They have developed this company so much and now they have a network spreaded in around 400 different cities and towns in Pakistan. Their main services involves:

  • E-commerce logistics
  • Core logistics
  • Cross border logistics
  • Warehousing services
  • Outsources technology service
  • E-distribution with OLS
  • Bluekart and benefit software platforms

BlueEX is trusted by many prestigious brands and they have multiple well known nationwide business partners, their services are efficient and are very affordable. BlueEX enables their clients to manage everything with just one click.

They are also offering cash on delivery services to their customers to make the logistic service easier. All these reliable services are provided by BlueEX at very cost effective rates. They are making nationwide logistics much better and easier.


CallCourier is among the best logistic companies in Pakistan. It was founded in 2003 with the sole aim of making courier services easily available for the people.

CallCourier was established with 18 stations and now they have expanded into a large web that is expanding nationwide. They have a slogan of “smart deliveries” as they are making logistic services easier with their smart solutions. They have a team of expert professionals that work to the core to provide a number of functional services like:

  • E-commerce solutions
  • International delivery
  • Nationwide deliveries
  • Cash on delivery service

CallCourier is making courier services speedy by providing delivery span of 24 to 48 hours with updated information about your package. They have availability of live chat service plus web based online portal that make logistics easier. CallCourier is among the most reliable logistic companies in Pakistan because of their substantial additional services that include:

  • Delivery upto 24 hours
  • Return management team
  • State of the art call center
  • Protection of stuff
  • Time tracking
  • Low prices

All these considerable services are available at very affordable costs. CallCourier is the trusted logistic service provider with over a decade of experience. They deliver the packages safe handedly and on time, their punctuality and professionalism is what make them stand out.

DCS Courier

DCS Courier is an international company aiming to provide courier services nationwide. They are offering fast and reliable services at very affordable rates.

Along with the local and national courier service they provide freight services, overnight delivery, custom clearance, integrated information and logistics solutions. Flexibility they are providing to make logistics easier are:

  • Same Day Service: Timely service is the prime demand of clients. DCS Courier is fulfilling all the foremost
    requirements of their customers including same day delivery service in Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad and Karachi. For this service orders should be made before 12hrs.
  • Bulk Shipment: Bulk shipment service (documents) provided by dcs makes it even more preferable.
  • Special Handling Service: Proper handling is what makes courier service considerable. DCS Courier provides assurity to their clients that their packages will be delivered safely. Through this valuable service you can easily send stuff like watches, electronic equipment or delicate gifts.

DCS Courier is also providing different freight services to make shipping unchallenging for their clients. All the services are reliable and they are visiones towards serving the most efficient and valuable services to their clients.

Paradise Courier & Logistics

Paradise Courier & Logistics is a newly emerging logistics company with the aim to serve people with quality logistics services. Although they are freshly emerging, their parent company PBD has decades of experience in courier delivery service which adds their name among the best logistic companies in Pakistan.

With Paradise Courier’s expert team, they are visioned to offer the best delivery and shipment services to their clients. Their main services involves:

PCL is determined to move towards betterment with their quality services. They are inclined towards adopting innovative technologies to improve the efficiency of work and they always try to adopt creative ideas to provide comfort to their clients. PCL is expanding enormously and is making it to the top of the list among the best logistic companies in Pakistan.

Now they have a spread network of around 200 cities nationwide and all their centers work tirelessly for providing supreme door to door delivery services. Along with the best delivery service they also ensure satisfactory shipping service with integrated tracking aid. All these prime services are available at very reasonable costs along with the surety of the most adequate services for customers.

Muller & Phipps (M&P) Express Logistics

M&P, founded in May 1986, and now with their excellent service they have expanded to 1300 different locations in Pakistan. M&P value their promise of providing untiring services with great enthusiasm and they are completely fulfilling this promise by providing an active service to their customer. They are providing multiple amenities for courier and logistic companies in Pakistan:
Courier Services
M&P safely handles and delivers your domestic parcels nationwide. The excellent services has added M&P among the best logistic companies in Pakistan For courier delivery they have services like:

  • Overnight delivery: with this your parcel will be at your place in a short time,
  • moreover this service is reliable, fast and economical as well.
  • Same day: with this you can get the speediest delivery service with M&P
  • express.
  • My flyer: while handling your parcel to M&P express you don’t need to be worried
  • about the stuff inside it because they handle your parcel with utmost
  • responsibility and care.
  • My box: this service is for bulk shipments. M&P Express provides well crafted
  • 2,5,20,20kg volume boxes for heavy shipments.
  • Air cargo: this speedy service is for bulky shipments that are above 50kg.
  • Breakfast delivery: the service is for deliveries in early morning.

Logistic Services
M&P Express as among the best logistic companies in Pakistan is providing several foremost logistic services for their customers, some of them are:

  • Fleet management
  • Import and export services
  • Warehousing
  • Reverse logistic
  • Tagging, packing and sorting
  • Tech support
  • Branded facility center

M&P Express, one of the best logistic companies in Pakistan is offering all these amazing services at very affordable ranges with cash on delivery facility as well. They assure safety of every package or parcel, their hardworking and expert is always on duty to guide their customers.

DHL Express

DHL Express is an international logistics company, founded in 1969, that has revolutionized the logistic companies in Pakistan. It was started just to provide small logistics services and now it has turned into one of the leading logistic companies in the world. Their small network has expanded worldwide around 220 countries to provide prime logistic services. There are multiple astounding services of DHL like:

  • DHL Express readily delivers the parcel and resolves the issues related to documentation during the shipping.
  • DHL ecommerce solutions provides domestic and international parcel delivery with standardized service.
  • DHL global forwarding offering freight services through containers, pallets and cargoes.
  • The expert customer service team of DHL is always at service to clear customs and document shipments.
  • DHL Express is considered among the best logistic companies in Pakistan

DHL Express being among the best logistic companies in Pakistan is providing several prime amenities at very affordable costs with speedy service. They are providing expert logistic solutions with appreciable services. DHL is already working with several prestigious clients and they are envisioned to grow more with their dedication and hard work for serving the best for their clients.