Manifestation of Creativity at the HUM Metaverse Art Exhibition, Lahore by Alter and Future Fest Team

Alter and Future Fest team is all set to bring the most exciting exhibition of Metaverse art with the title HUM, on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of January to Expo Center, Lahore. This exhibition will feature some of the most talented and innovative artists exhibiting their creativity along with an extensive variety of media such as digital art and moving images.

This showcase is all about exploring the expanding horizon of modern art with the innovative elements of NFTs and metaverse and illustrating the power of creativity and its contribution to establishing lasting connections. 

The exhibition mounts the pioneering creations of Orkhan, Saks Afridi, Ryan Elnayal, Mustaali Raj, Idil Dusrun, Matt Wilson, INFINITEYAY, and Manhaji. Moreover, it aims to display the aspiring works of Muhammad Nafay, Makam, Amrit Pal Singh, and Brice Duncan with the ideal photography of daredevil photographer Manhaji.

Zain Naqvi, the co-founder of Alter stated that “I am thrilled to be able to bring together such a talented and global group of artists for this show”. He further elaborated that it provides a platform for creators from all over the world to gather and present their creativity, evinci9ng the diverse nature of the Metaverse. In these times of isolation, this exhibition ‘HUM’ aims to celebrate the warmth of human connection.