Mark the Date and Look Forward to the Launch of MTronic In Pakistan

MRS Electronics is a leading electronics and automotive industry. It is known for sourcing the products of some renowned companies all over the world for more than twenty years. MRS has an understandable product portfolio and an amazing reputation. It is also recognized due to its technology services and comprehensive solutions.


MRS entered the Pakistani tech sector in 2020 to play its role in improving the Pakistani economy. To contribute to the tech department of Pakistan, MRS is all set to bring its new product to the consumer market with the name of MTronic. Mtronic is reported to be launched on the 10th of February 2023, to provide comprehensive solutions to transform your life at home.


Not much is known about the MTronic technology yet as it has been developed and kept secretly. The company is going to reveal everything about it on its launch day. Till then we only got a glimpse of it. MTronic is a cutting-edge solution that has been powered by German engineering to transform your life effortlessly.


MTronic brings revolution to the tech sector as no such solution has ever existed before its development. Recently, interesting teaser campaigns are running on MTronic’s social media platforms for promotional activity. There is a quiz activity also which comes with  20% discount coupons and by answering those questions correctly, you can win those coupons for yourself.