Mean3 Software House Makes Times Square Debut Ahead of TechCrunch Disrupt Showcase

Mean3 Software House made a historic mark in Pakistan’s flourishing tech industry by being the first IT company from the nation to feature on the iconic New York Times Square. This achievement solidifies Mean3’s position as an emerging star in the global tech arena.

Headquartered in Pakistan and led by Abdul Hadi Siraj, Mean3 has rapidly gained recognition as a distinguished software house and marketing agency, earning praise for its innovative solutions and groundbreaking contributions to the E-commerce sector. Their mission is to revolutionize global businesses, and they’ve garnered numerous accolades and established partnerships with over 200 global enterprises.

Chosen by the TechCrunch team from a vast pool of global applicants, Mean3 is set to showcase its offerings to investors and TechCrunch editors at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023, a significant event in the startup world. This event, known for unveiling hot startups and game-changing innovations, attracts thousands of participants, investors, and media outlets from around the world.

Mean3’s journey to Times Square during TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 represents a remarkable milestone, not only for the company but for Pakistan’s growing tech ecosystem, exemplifying that innovation transcends borders and emerging tech hubs like Pakistan have much to contribute. This achievement is expected to inspire other Pakistani tech startups and entrepreneurs to aim for global success.