Meezan Bank launches Online payment Gateway And Point Of Sales Services

Meezan Bank, the top Islamic bank in Pakistan, has introduced Point of Sale (POS) payment and online payment gateway services to expand its digital retail offering and advance the digital ecosystem of the nation.

By providing them with cutting-edge POS equipment and making cashless transactions available over the counters, the bank will serve as a conduit between merchants, issuers, and payment networks, allowing shops to profit from the uptake of digital payments. The POS devices offer interaction with the store system, card, and mobile tap payments, as well as local and international card acceptance. Meezan Bank will now be able to digitize payments for a significant number of underserved retail clients who want Islamic banking thanks to the introduction of POS and e-Commerce Acquiring services.

To honor the important participants in this initiative and to recognize their contributions, a ceremony was recently conducted at the headquarters of Meezan Bank. Ariful Islam, the deputy CEO of Meezan Bank, and other top team members attended this occasion.

Ariful Islam commented on this occasion and stated “Meezan Bank is actively working towards modernizing retail services in the country through enhanced digital offerings and documentation in the economy. We are confident that our recently launched merchant acquiring services will accelerate digital payments.”

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