Meta (Facebook) Acquires NUST Graduate’s Al Based Company

A young Pakistani displayed his work through his company, Presize ai, and now the Meta (previously Facebook) has obtained it.

Awais Shafique is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan who will be the project manager for his company’s participation in Meta.

Awais earned his bachelor’s degree in Pakistan before moving to Germany for his master’s degree. He has exceptional abilities and ideas, as seen by his introduction of an incredible Artificial Intelligence-based organization

Meta has now purchased the startup once it has become successful., a startup, creates the most accurate body scanning software by combining the most recent advancements in Computer Vision and Deep Learning. is essentially a size recommendation engine for e-commerce and fashion users.

Furthermore, it is a flawless and accurate body measurement that can be accessed using a smartphone. allows online purchasers to turn around in front of their smartphone camera while wearing their usual clothing and receive an automatic recommendation for their best-fitting apparel scale.