Microsoft in Talks for Launching Bing Search Engine Powered by ChatGPT

Recently, Microsoft is in news for launching Bing Search Engine powered by ChatGPT. This new tool will have more advanced features for producing accurate and personalized results. Five features are revealed up till now in its preview. It will be a highly effective source of engaging the audience and improving the website’s search engine optimization (SEO). It will have an efficient content generation to improve the website’s ranking in Google’s search algorithm.

A person named, Owen Yin is also reported to uncover the early test version of Microsoft’s Bing search engine. According to him, he got succeeded in getting a sneak peek through it before the access was shut off. The new five features of the Bing search engine include:

1. Microsoft has placed its new search engine as a research assistant, creative partner, and planner.
2. It has replaced the regular search bar with a large and prominent text box.
3. It is capable of producing multiple results and writing a summary of them.
4. It can also perform complex activities such as planning meals for the day.
5. It offers a human-like conversation experience.

It is a great tool for improving search engine optimization and the marketers that stay updated with its limitations and advancements can take complete advantage of it for promoting their brand and expanding their business network. But, Microsoft has not confirmed the launch of the Bing search engine yet. When a representative was asked about it, he said that the company does not comment on rumors.