Microsoft Teams Receives Significant Security Update

A recent Microsoft Teams upgrade will make it much simpler to protect your company against online attacks.

As Microsoft incorporates Defender for Office 365 products and services into the system, the video conferencing platform will soon receive several security upgrades.

About 71% of businesses admitted to sharing sensitive and important business information through collaboration technologies like Microsoft Teams, according to a recent Microsoft study. In reaction to this discovery, Collaboration Security for Microsoft Teams was released.

According to the company’s blog post:

“A growing number of users has made a new target for adversaries trying to gain access to an organization’s sensitive data and operations. Attacks like phishing and ransomware that for decades have primarily used email as an entry point, are now also targeting users on collaboration tools with growing frequency.”

This upgrade guarantees complete end-to-end protection for Microsoft Teams while also raising user awareness and preparedness across all industries.

Users may now report suspicious messages directly within Teams, a new tool that is comparable to the reporting option currently available for questionable emails in Outlook.

Security teams will be alerted whenever users report such messages, enabling them to take the appropriate action, such as banning or quarantining possible risks. Furthermore, the Microsoft 365 Defender portal allows users to read these messages.

To strengthen security for Teams, Microsoft is also enhancing the advanced hunting capabilities in Microsoft 365 Defender. Moreover, IT administrators may now simulate attacks to increase awareness of dangers like phishing and strengthen defenses.

Access to Collaboration Security for Teams is available to customers who utilize Microsoft E5, E5 Security, or Defender for Office 365. There is presently a public preview available, and a more extensive release is scheduled for June 2023.