Ministry of IT and Telecom Launches Initiative to Boost Digital Economy with World Bank Support

The Ministry of IT and Telecom has initiated the Digital Economy Enhancement Project (DEEP) with the formation of a steering committee. This committee will draw members from various prominent organizations such as the National Information Technology Board (NITB), National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA), and Provincial IT Boards, reflecting the project’s collaborative nature.


The move follows the World Bank’s approval of grant funding for DEEP, aimed at accelerating digital transformation in Pakistan. An interim Project Management Unit is to be set up within the Ministry, leading to the establishment of a permanent unit responsible for overseeing the project’s execution.


The DEEP project is set to propel Pakistan’s digital transformation, focusing on developing the country’s digital government architecture, implementing a national data exchange layer, and establishing a National Digital ID system. It also aims to create a unified platform for business-government interactions and launch the Civic Innovation and Technology Labs (CITL) initiative to encourage innovation through open government data.


With a total financing package of $149.7 million from the World Bank, of which $78 million is allocated to DEEP, this initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing public service delivery and fostering a more connected and efficient digital ecosystem for the citizens and businesses of Pakistan.