Multi-fingers’ Biometric Verification-An Initiative to Cease Sim Frauds

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has introduced the technology of “multiple fingers’ biometric verification”. This initiative has been taken to ensure the security of the people and to put sim frauds to an end. It is reported to aim at discouraging illegal sim sales and their usage.
With the implementation of this technology, the number of cellular subscribers in Pakistan went from 194.75 million by the end of August to 194.15 million by the end of September. The total number of subscribers went down by 0.61 million in just one month.
Furthermore, the number of 3g and 4G users also got increased from the end of August to the end of September and went from 119.84 million to 120.59 million. The increase in the number of users reflected a positive growth of 0.63%.
Flood is reported as a major cause for the decline in sim sales that has badly affected three provinces and the majority of our population.