One Million Pakistani Students Will Receive Advanced Web3.0 Training, According to the Government

Together, JazzCash, Faset (the Sector Education and Training Authority (Seta) for Finance, Accounting, and Management Consulting), and the Prime Minister want to teach Pakistan’s youth about the most cutting-edge Web3.0 technologies, such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other digital assets. The Prime Minister’s Youth Program (PMYP), a well-known event frequently hosted by the current Prime Minister Shahbaz Shareef every time he assumes office, includes this effort.

Yesterday in Islamabad, a meeting was conducted where the project’s specifics were finalized. Participants included the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Youth Affairs, Shaza Khwaja, the CEO of FASSET, Muhammad Rafi Hossain, and the interim CEO of JazzCash, Murtaza Ali. Fasset expressed their conviction that the PMYP leadership’s objective of empowering Pakistan’s young with some of the most in-demand talents will strengthen the freelance economy. This alliance aims to reach around 1 million young people over the course of a year, and both organizations will create an exclusive curriculum for the program that will incorporate the most recent and in-depth knowledge of Web3.0.

In the meeting, Ms. Kahwaja shared the Prime Minister’s vision and said that if the government could give Pakistan’s youth access to basic training and facilities, they might achieve significant achievements in the technological domains. Added Ms. Shaza Khwaja;

“For years, the Government of Pakistan has been working tirelessly on skill development for youth across the country, but I believe the private sector holds great opportunities for young people when it comes to preparing for the future. The Prime Minister’s vision is to work on areas with great economic impact – like digital skills for the future. This forms the basis of PMYP’s partnership with Fasset. I hope our youth utilize this opportunity to learn from qualified industry practitioners & the world of opportunities that unfold.”

The CEO of Fasset, Mohammad Raafi Hossain, discussed the economic value and potential of Pakistan’s IT sector as well as the demand for cutting-edge technological specialists in the development of the nation. He also discussed the anticipated earnings that Pakistani youth might expect from the IT sector. He stated;

“Pakistan is amongst the top 3 Web3 adopting nations in the world. In addition to that, Pakistan is home to some of the world’s best and brightest developers, researchers, and scientists when it comes to tokenization, digital assets, and blockchain technology. In tandem with PMYP, Fasset hopes to build awareness and educate the next generation of web3 adopters on safe, responsible, and innovative development and adoption of the future of this game-changing space. We believe that with the right building blocks the talented youth of Pakistan can unlock $100bn of potential economic growth.”

The sustainability of this cooperation and what it meant for JazzCash was discussed by Murtaza Ali, acting CEO of JazzCash. He claimed that JazzCash is beyond happy to be a part of such an incredible program and that it will unquestionably help young people. He stated;

“This partnership will improve financial literacy by reaching out to millions of youth in underprivileged areas through digital mediums. JazzCash is proud to be the financial enabler for any transactions required to be carried out for upcoming phases of the program. We are keenly interested in forging alliances with like-minded organizations to further our mission of a financially-included Pakistan.”

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