OpenAI Expected to Release GPT 4.5 Instead of GPT 5 in 2024

More than a year after the introduction of GPT 4 and its subsequent upgrade, GPT 4 Turbo, the tech community is anticipating the next big release from OpenAI. However, contrary to expectations for GPT 5, it appears that GPT 4.5 will be the next iteration to be released this year. The decision to postpone GPT 5 is influenced by the significant computational resources estimated to be about 100 times those of GPT 4.


Dan Hendrycks, a leading AI safety expert, emphasizes that each new version of OpenAI’s models historically requires tenfold more computing power than its predecessor. Consequently, GPT 4.5 is predicted to be a more feasible step up, doubling the context window capacity of GPT 4 Turbo to 256,000 input tokens and featuring an updated knowledge cutoff of June 2024.


Leaked details from OpenAI’s blog suggest that GPT 4.5 will offer enhancements in speed, accuracy, and scalability, anticipating a launch in June 2024. This update reflects the continuous and rapid evolution of large language models, balancing the exponential rise in computing demands with technological advancements and practical deployment considerations.