ORECTO The First E-commerce Bargaining Marketplace Launched in Pakistan

Muhammad Kamran Yousaf, age 26, is from Lahore, Pakistan. established the first online eCommerce marketplace in Pakistan with a bartering feature.

After observing Pakistan’s significant issues with the e-commerce industry, he launches his startup. It offers creative answers to significant issues encountered when buying and selling products online. and a desire to offer a better answer for a setting that functions more effectively.

Since the economy is not doing well in Pakistan and more than 60% of the population comes from middle-class households that cannot afford many items, people here like to bargain when they buy anything.

The platform Orecto provides a Live Bargaining Marketplace where the buyer and seller can negotiate the terms of a transaction or discuss the price. Business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and customer-to-customer (C2C) services are also provided by Orecto.

Orecto is a line of solutions that enables retailers to streamline and expand their operations. They give the buyer the advantage of being able to enjoy the experience by letting them open the package when it comes. For the convenience of the seller, they also offer free product pickup from their outlets. In addition to promoting its platform, Orecto wants to provide a comfortable environment for its viewers.

M Kamran Yousaf, Founder and CEO of Orecto, Said, “Many people are having difficulty finding high-quality products at low prices. some of the products they like but it’s difficult to buy due to a little bit of difference in their budget so bargaining is so much important in Pakistan. So we introduce this solution to buy and sell their product as their will. We want to facilitate people as per their demand.”

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