Pakistan-China Cross-Border Ecommerce Receiving Efficient Contributions

Badar U Zaman, Commercial Counselor of the Pakistan Embassy in China notified that China and Pakistan will carry on with cooperation in cross-border ecommerce for the prosperity and happiness amongst both the countries. According to him, for both China and Pakistan, cross-border ecommerce is one of the most important areas for successful attainments and establishments ahead. As highlighted, China considers building up cross-border ecommerce with overseas market of great importance.

Because of the pandemic, the percentage of online transaction in any market with maturing ecommerce will continue to grow rapidly. A report by China Economic Net (CEN) reported according to local trade resources that Pakistan is the 46th largest market of ecommerce with growing revenue of US$4 billion in 2020. According to German market and consumer data provide Statista’s prediction Pakistan’s ecommerce market is expected to generate revenue worth US$7.666 billion in 2022.

Efficiency of logistics is a mandatory condition needed in the development of ecommerce. In a recent interview, Tim Yao, chairman of Captain Express Pakistan Pvt Ltd (CPEX for short and the brand also) and a subsidy of Captain International Express (Hk) Co Ltd, comparing with Pakistan’s population of more than 220 million mentions that even though Pakistan’s largest express company delivers just about 300 million packages a year, there is greater untapped potential in need to be tapped upon. CPEX, being extremely occupied in the sea and air logistics in the South Asian market for over a decade, putting in years of efforts to contribute to Pakistan’s cross-border ecommerce, targets huge potential of Pakistan’s express industry.

Express delivery shows a heavy need of investments in form of both human and financial material input. As for recent statistic, CPEX order have reached about 10,000 per day covering 8 major cities in Pakistan, catering over 60 employees predominantly on e-commerce platforms and SF Express. Providing local express delivery in Pakistan and international express delivery services for export from Pakistan, international products that originate from China can be guaranteed to be delivered from China to Pakistani recipients within 7 days and the information related to logistics can be followed through website.

It was emphasized by Yao that CPEX’s back office system is leading the industry in money settlement especially COD accounts management. Tim explains that “Amazon began recruiting Pakistani merchants in May last year, which signals that the Pakistani e-commerce currently in the development stage will gradually take shape.” CPEX not just provides local business support to Pakistani enterprises but also comes with intention to lend smart supply chain solutions that aid Pakistani enterprises in obtaining ecommerce business opportunities. Tim, with a clear sight to deliver something tangible about China-Pakistan trade, believes that only when consumers receive more benefits, they tend to be motivated towards spending and promoting towards the development of the ecommerce industry.

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