Pakistan Endorses Cloud Technology Adoption with New Framework Approval

Pakistan’s Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) has officially approved the Cloud Procurement Framework (CPF), an important milestone in the country’s pursuit of its Cloud First Policy. This framework, developed in collaboration with the Ministry of IT and Telecom and other key stakeholders, lays the foundation for the nation’s transition to cloud-based services, signaling a move towards modernizing its IT infrastructure.


The Ministry of IT and Telecom is expected to formally announce the CPF shortly, following extensive discussions aimed at establishing a robust framework for cloud service acquisition. This initiative represents a significant step forward, driven by the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of IT and Telecom and the PPRA, along with the establishment of an interim cloud office tasked with guiding the policy’s implementation.


With the government’s endorsement of the Cloud First Policy in early 2022 and the subsequent establishment of a dedicated cloud office, Pakistan is set to strengthen its IT capabilities through strategic cloud adoption. The upcoming permanent cloud office, approved by the Cabinet Division, will play a crucial role in this transformation, with key appointments poised to ensure the effective integration of cloud technology in government operations, thus propelling Pakistan towards its digital future.