Pakistan Gets Authorization from Walt Disney as per Ministry of Commerce’s Announcement

The famously celebrated American Entertainment company, Walt Disney, permits authorization to its licensees and vendors to get Disney-branded merchandise from Pakistan.

Ministry of Commerce announced the news on Twitter saying “Disney has authorized its vendors & licensees to procure Disney-branded products from facilities in Pakistan that enroll and participate in the Better Work Program (BWP) W.E.F. 1st April 2022.”

Pakistani organizations registered with the Better Work Program are authorized to collaborate with Walt Disney.

The Better Work Program agreement has been signed by the Government of Pakistan and the International Labor Organization along with an M.O.U for the implementation of BWP in Pakistan. This will allow Pakistan’s source and contribute to the country’s export.

This news was revealed by a tweet from Pakistani diplomat and politician; Masood Khan urging Pakistani businesses and organizations to the ‘Better Work Program’ to profit from Walt Disney’s global market share.

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