Pakistan Introduces Its First Communication App Resembling WhatsApp

The Ministry of Information Technology has officially launched the Beep Pakistan communication app, tailored for use by government personnel across 41 federal ministries and departments, with future plans for a public release. Designed to offer a secure alternative to platforms like WhatsApp and other social media apps, Beep Pakistan facilitates safe communication among government employees.

Notable features include audio and video calls, video conferencing, and the secure transfer of sensitive government files. The app’s accessibility is initially restricted to federal authorities but will expand to the provincial level in its second phase, eventually reaching the general public. This innovation positions Beep Pakistan as the nation’s inaugural indigenous social media application.

The government asserts that the app’s heightened security results from its server being located within Pakistan, along with the hosting of the source code on local servers. The successful establishment of connectivity for the app involved 83 new projects, collectively funded with an investment of Rs. 79 billion. The launch event for the Beep Pakistan app saw the attendance of senior Ministry of IT officials, including Syed Amin Ul Haque, the Federal Minister for IT and Telecom.

Aiming to curtail instances of audio and video leaks, the IT Minister highlighted the app’s significance and also disclosed the establishment of three new incubation centers over the preceding four years. From a modest $1 billion in 2020, IT exports have surged to $2.6 billion, with aspirations to propel them to an impressive $15 billion. Additionally, the country has achieved pivotal milestones like the Cyber Security Policy and Data Protection Bill, according to Syed Amin Ul Haque.