Pakistan IT Ministry to Educate 15,000 Citizens in Newl and Specialized Technologies

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication in Pakistan intends to train 15,000 individuals in emerging and specialized technologies through the “Capacity Building of IT Industry in Specialization Technologies & Platforms program.”

This initiative aims to provide training in cutting-edge areas such as Blockchain, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Digital Twins, e-health, e-agriculture, and more, particularly targeting youth and women.

The Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB), in collaboration with industry and academia, will identify the most relevant technologies for training. The program plans to generate 300 master trainers well-versed in specialized domains like blockchain, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. These master trainers will assist the industry by crafting human resource development strategies, designing curricula, and delivering training.

To oversee the program, a high-level steering committee will be established to select training partners and trainers, determine course content and durations, and ensure effective implementation. This committee will comprise representatives from the Ministry of IT and Telecom, the PSEB, the Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA), and other stakeholders.

The project includes conducting an industry-wide survey to gauge the demand for skilled professionals in various technologies. Based on the survey findings, proposals will be formulated, and firms with comprehensive learning management systems will be chosen to facilitate training delivery.

The estimated cost for training 15,000 individuals is Rs. 2,000 million, with an initial government allocation of Rs. 1,000 million. Successful completion of training by 2,500 individuals will lead to internships in IT companies for three months, with each trainee receiving a monthly stipend of Rs. 25,000.