Pakistan Prepares for MM1 Satellite Launch to Boost 5G Capabilities

After the landmark success of its first lunar mission, iCube-Qamar, Pakistan is gearing up to launch another satellite, named MM1, on May 30. This initiative is a collaborative effort involving SUPARCO and the National Space Agency, intending to enhance the country’s communication infrastructure and support the burgeoning demands of the telecom sector. 


The satellite is specifically designed to improve 5G internet connectivity across Pakistan. MM1 is equipped to operate in the harsh conditions of space, with temperatures as low as minus 100 degrees Celsius. It features a specialized one-megapixel camera that weighs 7kg, is designed to function effectively under strict power limitations, and is capable of transmitting images at a rate of 1 kbps. 


This capability is vital for conducting detailed surface analysis of the moon, providing essential data on crater formations, potential water sources, and traces of ice. These insights are expected to offer significant benefits for both national interests and global scientific communities.