Pakistan Youth Leadership Initiative Seeks to Inspire and Support Young Individuals

The Pakistan Youth Leadership Initiative (PYLI), a collaborative effort between the British Council Pakistan and Education Above All, aims to empower the youth in Pakistan over a three-year period. In partnership with the Government of Pakistan’s Youth Development Program, UNDP Pakistan, local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and public universities, the project focuses on fostering social and ethical awareness and embracing diversity.

Funding for PYLI is provided jointly by the Education Above All Foundation through its “Reach Out to Asia” (ROTA) program, as part of the “Global Citizenship Education for Climate Action” (GCED) initiative. The initiative was formalized through an agreement signed at the 11th WISE Summit in Doha on November 28.

The primary objective is to equip young men and women in Pakistan with the knowledge of social and ethical principles, encouraging responsible initiatives contributing to local, national, and global sustainable development agendas, with a particular emphasis on climate action. By prioritizing high-quality education, the initiative aims to build a foundation for future generations, fostering a prosperous and environmentally conscious society.

Key collaborators include the British Council Pakistan, Education Above All, the Government of Pakistan’s Youth Development Program, UNDP Pakistan, and local Civil Society Organizations. The initiative aligns with existing youth engagement efforts, such as the Green Youth Movement led by the Higher Education Commission Pakistan, which has established Green Youth Movement clubs in 137 universities.