Pakistani Applications Achieve 4 Billion Global Downloads in 2022

In 2023, Pakistani app developers have made significant progress, climbing from the 27th position in 2018 to the 16th spot on the global stage, as reported by Google. This growth is evident in the remarkable achievement of Pakistani apps being downloaded a staggering four billion times worldwide last year.

The first half of the current fiscal year saw a 2% increase in Pakistan’s IT exports, reaching an impressive $1.3 billion. Google’s report further revealed that in 2022, Pakistani developers demonstrated their prowess by securing the top 10 spots in both gaming and apps categories on the Play Store and App Store, with 65 apps from 24 developers leading the charts.

Recognizing the potential of the Pakistani apps industry, Google recently organized a momentous in-person apps and games event in Lahore, which saw participation from over 500 developers and industry leaders.

Looking ahead, Google is committed to supporting local developers in harnessing digital opportunities. They plan to expand their assistance to the Pakistani apps industry, hosting events like “Think Apps” that will offer insights and trends from global experts to local talent.

This initiative builds on the success of previous events like “Think Games” and “Gaming Growth Lab,” introduced in Pakistan by Google in the past year. Through these programs, Google collaborated with over 1,600 developers and promoted 50 early-stage gaming studios to compete on a global scale. Additionally, over 5,000 Cloud developers and 3,000 Android developers benefited from community-led skill enhancement programs like “Cloud Seekho S5” and “Android Seekho S2.”