Pakistani Engineering Student Develops Revolutionary Brain-Controlled Wheelchair

Adil Bacha, a student at Engineering University Mardan, has developed an innovative electric wheelchair controlled by brain signals. This groundbreaking invention is designed for patients who have functional brains but are physically paralyzed, allowing them to move independently.


Bacha explained that the wheelchair caters to patients who cannot communicate verbally, enabling them to navigate from one location to another using brain control. “I have developed this wheelchair so that patients can move freely from one place to another,” he said.


This innovation highlights the talent of Pakistani students in creating solutions to societal needs. Last year, two students from Shah Abdul Latif University in Khairpur developed a drone ambulance to assist flood-affected individuals. The drone can deliver essential medications and first aid to areas difficult for humans to access and identify individuals in need of help.


These initiatives demonstrate the potential of young Pakistani innovators to address critical challenges through technology and creativity.