Pakistani Startups Display Their Innovations at London Tech Week 2023

Ignite National Technology Fund, a public sector company in Pakistan, is actively participating in London Tech Week 2023, a renowned global tech celebration held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London. 

The startups being highlighted at London Tech Week include Xylexa, CricFlex, EyeSmarty, CalCart Technologies, Gridizen, and SLOSH AI Solutions. 

  1. Xylexa offers an AI-powered algorithm that aids radiologists in accurate and cost-effective medical image interpretation. 
  2. CricFlex provides a wearable sleeve for performance analysis in cricket, offering valuable insights to bowlers. 
  3. EyeSmarty is an AI-based platform for monitoring and evaluating employee productivity, enabling in-depth work record analysis. 
  4. CalCart Technologies introduces an AI-powered smart cart product that brings the convenience of online shopping to brick-and-mortar grocery stores. 
  5. Gridizen is a SAAS-based property management solution, while also being the sole provider of ESG reports for UK properties. 
  6. Finally, SLOSH AI Solutions presents an AI-powered teleradiology solution for triaging chest X-rays.

Ignite’s CEO, Asim Shahryar Husain, emphasized the success of Pakistani startups in raising significant investments over the past few years, with the current valuation estimated at around $3.2 billion and a projected increase to $10 billion by 2030 or earlier. He also highlighted the recognition received by two Pakistani startup founders in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list, showcasing the entrepreneurial talent of Pakistan.

London Tech Week provides an invaluable platform for Ignite’s NIC startups to connect, collaborate, and explore new global business opportunities. By participating in this prestigious event, Ignite’s startups aim to find partners, customers, and investors who can contribute to their growth and success.