Pakistan’s Internet and Social Media Disrupted After Imran Khan’s Arrest, Financial Loss Worth Billions Also Reported

Internet connectivity was blocked nationwide with limited access to major social media sites as a result of the massive outpouring of rage from the whole nation following the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. A staggering $1.6 billion in economic damage has been caused by the action.

Since the internet was shut down, the IT sector and providers of digital services have suffered greatly. Due to the fact that the majority of young people in Pakistan work on freelancing platforms, the internet outage has significantly reduced the number of online services offered. South Asian freelancers on Fiverr have “Risk Warning” on them, and their gigs are no longer available.

Additionally, the number of trips on online services like Careem, Uber, and Indrive has decreased. In addition, Food Panda and other online delivery firms have announced their worst loss in recorded history. 

Riders of such delivery firms have basically lost contact with clients due to the internet outage, rendering them unemployed for the time. They find themselves unable to acquire any kind of money since they are unable to access the platforms on which they rely.

The precise financial losses experienced have yet to be determined however according to Chairman Muhammad Zohaib Khan, the IT industry might lose $3–4 million in daily exports if mobile broadband services continue to stay restricted. There is no information as to when the services will resume, therefore this unsettled scenario continues to worsen.