Pakistan’s IT Ministry Calls for Participation in New Cybersecurity Council

The Pakistani Ministry of IT and Telecom has initiated the formation of a comprehensive Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) Council. This move complies with the National Computer Emergency Team Rules 2023, designed to enhance the nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure. The council will consist of 15 members, including officials from prominent ministries such as Defense, Foreign Affairs, and Interior, with the IT and Telecom Ministry’s Federal Secretary serving as Chairman.


This diverse council will also feature representatives from academia, the private sector, and civil society, ensuring a broad spectrum of insights into cybersecurity challenges. Members may also be co-opted on either a temporary or permanent basis to provide expert advice, ensuring flexibility in responding to evolving cybersecurity needs.


The creation of the CERT Council signifies a major advancement in coordinating national cybersecurity efforts. It aims to facilitate collaboration across various governmental and non-governmental entities, enhancing the capacity to address and resolve cybersecurity issues effectively.


This strategic development aligns with the recent formalization of the National Computer Emergency Response Team (nCERT), marking a significant milestone in Pakistan’s commitment to safeguarding its cyber domains.