Pakistan’s Technology Sector Surpasses National GDP Growth

Pakistan’s IT sector has been a beacon of growth amidst the country’s economic challenges, consistently outperforming the national GDP growth over the last decade. Despite a general slowdown in the economy, the technology and communication sector has defied trends, although it faced a sequential GDP decline in three recent quarters. 


The software industry, in particular, continues to attract investor interest, with the sector trading at significantly higher price-to-earnings multiples compared to others, highlighting its ongoing appeal and potential for growth.


Venture capital remains a vital source of funding for innovative, growth-oriented companies in Pakistan, with a notable discrepancy between the amounts raised through venture capital and traditional public listings. 


This disparity underscores the challenges and opportunities within Pakistan’s financing landscape for tech companies. Additionally, the impressive growth of Pakistan’s Information & Communication Technology (ICT) exports has seen a remarkable compound annual growth rate, although recent years have witnessed a slowdown in growth rates. 


This sector not only contributes significantly to the country’s economy through exports but also plays a crucial role in employment, with a substantial number of people working in the tech industry, underscoring the need for expanded training and education to support this growth.