Pakistan’s X Ban Considered in National Interest, Says Foreign Minister

In a recent statement, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar supported the government’s decision to block access to the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. According to Dar, this action aligns with the best interests of Pakistan, aiming to promote national welfare. He drew parallels between this restriction and the situation in the US with TikTok, which faces potential bans over data security concerns related to its Chinese parent company.


Dar questioned the inconsistency in international responses, highlighting that other nations also impose bans based on their national interests, so Pakistan’s decision should equally be respected. The ban has faced legal challenges, with the Sindh High Court giving the government a one-week deadline to justify or lift the restriction, citing a lack of transparency and failure to follow due protocols in managing online content.


The ministry argued for the suspension, stating that X failed to register locally and did not comply with requests to remove content offensive to Pakistan’s Chief Justice. The situation remains tense as the judiciary demands clearer justification from the government, highlighting the ongoing scrutiny of digital rights and national security measures.