Pandago; An Ideal On-Demand Delivery Option for Customers-Introduced by Foodpanda

Foodpanda, the top delivery service in Pakistan, is pleased to announce Pandago for customers, a new on-demand delivery service created to meet customers’ changing needs.

Pandago, once a B2B-only business, now offers its advantages to consumers for C2C deliveries, giving them effortless access to Foodpanda’s large rider fleet for economical, on-demand delivery. Pandago, which began operations in Karachi, shortly plans to expand to Lahore and Islamabad.

Pandago is the preferred option for urgent parcels, including perishable goods and important documents, because of its dedication to on-time deliveries. 

Foodpanda Pakistan’s CEO, Muntaqa Peracha, explains the company’s mission:  “We understand that delivery is central to people’s lives now, and with Pandago, we hope to make our customers’ lives easier and more convenient.

Pandago C2C is a valuable addition to our logistics infrastructure, enabling us to provide an effortless and reliable service for parcel deliveries. With our extensive rider fleet and round-the-clock availability, customers can rely on us for their deliveries at any time of the day.”

Panda has given small and medium-sized businesses the tools they need to successfully manage delivery expenses by only making purchases when necessary. All consumers can now enjoy the benefits of this user-friendly and dependable on-demand delivery service thanks to Panda’s extension to C2C deliveries.

A crucial turning point for Foodpanda has been reached with the launch of Pandago’s C2C service because it not only expands its customer base but also deepens relationships with current clients, encouraging further market expansion in Pakistan.